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About Us

About Us

We want to create a sustainable future.

At Fureeze, we understand that eco-friendly packaging is of utmost importance to conscientious pet parents. In alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are proud to offer 100% recyclable packaging for all our products. We source our meat from reputable, certified suppliers in Tasmania who adhere to the highest standards of ethical and sustainable practices.

Our mission is to consistently deliver premium-quality pet products while actively promoting environmentally responsible methods.

Proudly Made in Australia 🇦🇺

Fureeze is committed to supporting the local economy with our 100% Made in Australia products, sourced and manufactured in Tasmania. We prioritize ethical sourcing, partnering with suppliers that emphasize animal welfare and sustainability. Additionally, we donate 3% of our profits to organizations focused on preventing animal cruelty and promoting compassionate care. Together, we make a positive impact on both animals and the community.