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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Fureeze™ acts in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 to ensure that the information we collect is strictly used in dealing with the business transaction process and is confidential. We acknowledge that the privacy of personal information is of extreme importance and hence require all relevant parties to sign a confidentiality agreement outlining the restrictions in the exposure of the information provided. The privacy statement applies to the Fureeze™ website which is owned and operated by Fureeze™.

Information Collected

Your information may be recorded and inputted into our database when you:

  • Call up with an enquiry
  • Send us an interest in buying
  • Submit comments or suggestions
  • Request information in relation to our sales or marketing campaigns

Information such as your name, contact details, postal address, email, field of interest or other information to identify you may be collected to further assist you in the related matter or communicate with you in the future. This information will enable us to determine your needs and tailor the correct solutions in servicing your matters.

Safeguarding of the Information

All information will be held confidential and stored under our protected database. Only authorized Fureeze™ staff are able to access this information via securitized passwords and communications with various brokers can only be accessed by them personally. This will ensure that your personal information is safeguarded and is delivered to the corresponding personnel.

Use of the Information

The information we acquire will allow us to efficiently and effectively provide you with solutions in relation to your matters. It will also create ease for our professional team to conduct follow-ups and communicate with you in providing tailored solutions. Email addresses will only be recorded when emails are sent to either one of our business emails. These emails will be replied to with the information in which they are regarding. It will not be used for any marketing purposes or disclosed to third parties without your permission. Exceptions are made in relation to the law where personal information is provided to relevant parties if there are suspicions that your details will resolve issues in relations to threats to a person’s health or safety.